Rockit Kit Build

After a few sessions of building, the Rockit is finished and working!
Rockit Synth Kit Complete

The Rockit has 2 digital oscillators, a 2-pole analog filter with low-pass, band-pass and high-pass modes, and 2 LFOs that can be routed to different control inputs of the oscillators and filter. From first impressions of playing the Rockit, the analog filter sounds nice. The band-pass mode of the filter is especially good, and offers something different from standard low-pass filtering, which can give the Rockit a nice ‘vocal’ sound when played in this mode.

2 thoughts on “Rockit Kit Build”

    1. I’m working on posting recordings of the Rockit, and the other things built here. There are now some hardware mods and firmware updates to this and the Meeblip which improve their sound which I might try first before I do this.

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